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“False Consensus” & the “Majority Illusion”

Since I was a kid, I would read anything that end up near my hands.  Old newspapers, magazines, medical books, mechanical engineer manuals, old enciclopedias, everything. So I keep doing this as a matter of fact, i click and go … Continue reading

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A world without Google, Facebook and Twitter?

We are so used and dependent for our communications on the products and services these 3 companies offer to us, mostly for free ( not considering value of our Data, advertising, etc.) , that it would be difficult to imaging … Continue reading

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Is the USA becoming a POLICE STATE?

 “Police state is a term denoting government that exercises power arbitrarily through the police.” wikipedia I remember the times when people around the world used to admire how American will respect and trust their Police. when I was a kid, growing up … Continue reading

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Facebook vs Google : Who controls the DATA generated by the Internet of Things (IoT)

A race between @Facebook & @Google is happening without too many noticing. The Internet of Things ( IoT ) needs tone able to communicate among them and with devices that actually control their functions or use their services for some … Continue reading

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High Speed Trains, Modernization and Economic Recovery

Four years ago, when we all realized that we were deepening into one of the worst economic crisis the USA has ever been through (not that we are out of it yet, or that there is a sign that we … Continue reading

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The end of the world 21-12-2012

I have been reading so much about all the Mayan and of course so many other cultures that predicted the end of the world or at least a major change in the way we live by the Winter (for Northern … Continue reading

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No respect for women, no respect for citizens, where are our values?

What happen when we became one of those countries that we “Free” from their Police states oppressor system ? When a body of our Society believes that they are above the LAW we are in trouble as a whole society, … Continue reading

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